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Spectacular view up north of Perth!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Yan's birthday 25 May
The 21st birthday of our dear Adriyanti!
Part 1
Part 2

LICT Graduation Ceremony
Some photos with friends at the college graduation!
Part 1
Part 2

Colours in Perth!!
Hey guys! I am back on track! It's been nearly a month in Perth and I am glad to tell you guys that I am getting on fine here. I am still settling down but still able to show you guys some latest pictures I have taken here. Tell you more about this place when I have time!
Part 1
Part 2

Fremantle 2001
Old friends from LICT gathered at Freo.
Part 1

Jessica's birthday 22 June
The 23rd birthday of my dear housemate!
Part 1
Part 2

Summer's approaching!!
As the heat rises in Perth, check out what's fun to do during the hot days in Perth!
Part 1
Part 2

Baby Shawn's Pictures!!
Want to see how cute is my nephew Shawn? And also how adorable his sisters are? Have a peep at their photo!
Baby Shawn
Baby Shawn and Zoe
Baby Shawn and Joan

Jevin's birthday 20 May
The 25th birthday of our Director!
Part 1

SlackTalk studio shoot
The studio shoot which the Deadlockers scored with flying colours!
Part 1 | Part 2

It's Spring!!
October is getting hotter as Spring's here. But it is a month that's packed with activities!

Part 1
Part 2

Sensuous Oriental Styles!!
When East meets West, combining the best of both worlds, Chinese traditional clothing are going through a revolution.
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1 (' By now you are knee deep in headlines about the "Millenium", or Y2K (Year 2000), as everybody is calling it. Have you educated yourself about the possibilities of riots and total destruction that some forecasters predict when the new year bell chimes? Who cares about what is going to happen. No person alive can change the inevitable, but you can make sure that you have a plan for the night. Where are you going to be when it all happens? A party? A dance? Wherever you are, just enjoy the moment and worry about the future later. My personal view on the entire Millenium is not to panic. Panic is more contagious than the Ebola virus! Panic spreads faster than any human instinct when it happens in large populations. If people would take a positive view about the Millenium, instead of worrying about all that is going to go wrong, everything won't be fine, but I guarantee that it will assist in maintaining the peace! Right now the main concern with the millenium is the fact that there are a lot of computerized systems that are not equipped to handle the year 2000. This comes as a great concern to the human race, because we have become a computerized civilization that is in the middle of the "Information Age". The most outrageous radicals are preparing for riots, destruction, and the collapse of government power. Personally, I have the frame of mind to wait and see what happens. Nobody can be 100% sure of the detrimental effects Y2K will have, or to the extent of the damage. The common people shouldn't have to worry about the problems, because they did not create the computers to last until the year 1999, right? Wrong! The public's well-being is on the line, mostly because we couldn't prepare ourselves for the future. Hopefully, this event will aid in the education of the human race as a whole. We cannot expect to advance our technology if we cannot control that technology. The creators of computers were so preoccupied with what they COULD make, they forgot about the problems that were embedded in the products that they had already created! We must surround ourselves with the fact that we created this disaster, therefore, we must make sure that this sort of problem doesn't reoccur. This article is meant not to persuade you, but to stimulate your own opinions. This article is an opinion in itself, therefore the views taken are not to be considered acceptable by any means. As a young adult in this world, you must begin to prepare for your future, and make sure that you have all you need to benefit yourself and your surroundings. Speaking out about subjects not considered to be "in your expertise" is a step of maturity and self-gratification. The Y2K problem is here, and it is real, so why avoid the subject. We must embrace the horror of our own creations, and fix the problem. Either that or we can all have a good time rioting in the closest city!